Majestic Metals LLC paint shop equipment upgrades

Replaced existing single oven with two new Rapid Engineering batch ovens.
One 16 X 12 X 8 and one 21 X 12 X 8.

  • Increased capacity.
  • Increased efficiency by dedicating ovens for liquid and powder coatings.
  • Allows both liquids and powders to be cured at the same time.
  • Quicker temperature recovery shortening cure cycles.
  • Eliminates bottleneck for parts waiting to be cured.


Replaced existing powder booths with three new Nordson 8 X 9 cartridge style booths.


  • Increased capacity.
  • Booths are no longer vented to the outside saving on heat loss.
  • Particulate emissions to the outside environment eliminated.
  • Improved air flow in the booth to control powder loss.