Majestic Metals

Majestic Metals LLC Selected for National Database of Environmental Leadership Practices

Majestic Metals LLC has been selected for inclusion in a database of environmental "leadership practices" supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The database, found online at, includes descriptions of businesses that have voluntarily reduced their environmental impacts through such means as preventing pollution, eliminating waste, and more efficiently using energy, water, and other resources.


Majestic Metals was included in the new web site because of its participation in the U.S. EPA's National Environmental Performance Track program. Performance Track is designed to recognize and encourage top environmental performers -- those who go beyond compliance with regulatory requirements to attain levels of environmental performance and management that benefit people, communities, and the environment. Program participants receive a range of incentives to motivate further improvements.

Majestic Metals was recognized for the commitment to go beyond legal requirements to improve its environmental performance. That commitment includes reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds by switching to paints and coatings with low-VOC content, cut energy use by replacing incandescent shop fixtures with high-efficiency fluorescent lights, and has committed to improve on-site wetlands area by planting vegetation.

EPA created Performance Track to reward and recognize facilities and organizations with a proven record of regulatory compliance, an operational environmental management system, and a demonstrated commitment to continued improvement and outreach to the local community and the public.

Governor Christine Todd Whitman, Administrator of the U.S. EPA, congratulated Majestic Metals, LLC and the roughly 300 other Performance Track members at an event in April in Washington, D.C. At the event, Gov. Whitman said, "By working together in partnership, we are helping break down the traditional barriers that have existed between industry and environmental efforts, and we are making great progress towards our shared goal of a healthy and safe environment for this and future generations." was funded by the U.S. EPA and produced by the nonprofit Green Business Network, which also hosts, a free, content-rich web site on corporate environmental practices.

"We are proud of Majestic Metals, LLC for their leadership efforts and believe they are setting an example other companies should follow to align environmental responsibility with business success," says Green Business Network founder Joel Makower.

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